Box Sparrow Studio was established in 2013 when I came to the conclusion that clay was the right medium for me. Finding inspiration in my Georgia roots, childhood memories with family and experiences around the table motivate my journey to connect story with creating handmade pieces.

My pottery is primarily wheel thrown, designed to be functional for everyday use. I choose to  work with a soft and neutral color pallet, making my work easy to mix and match, hoping to showcase the meal. My work is designed for people who love to gather around the table — in the many different and beautiful ways this occurs.

You can find me most days working out of Studio D, located at Hardy and Nance Studios in downtown Houston.



I can recall at the age of nine, convincing my father to teach me how to grow a garden for the summer. I remember the feeling of picking fresh cucumbers and tomatoes out of the garden and then placing each one on the kitchen window seal until we sliced them to use for a meal. My parents were firm on the tradition of home cooked meals, water over soda and no TV when we gathered at the table.
There was a short time when my mother went through a phase collecting tea cups and teapots. During this season, she created special memories at the table for my sister and I when she started the tradition of tea parties. She has the gift for creating a beautiful table and has taught me again and again the importance of paying attention to detail.
From my Papou’s (Greek for grandfather) love for baking rosemary bread and his “famous” mashed potatoes to my grandmother’s love for her morning coffee, these memories help me to recall how life in the kitchen has shaped the pieces I create. The opportunity to connect in this space is what often inspires me to create functional pieces.

Abbie Preston Box Sparrow Studio